Roles and Responsibilities

The CMIS Health Office is run by our Health Officer, Jemma Leesin and School Nurse, Siam Namwong.

Role of the CMIS Health Office

  • Provide first aid to students and staff

  • Manage students with health conditions

  • Manage care of students unwell or injured

  • Complete Individualized Health Care plans

  • Administer medication

  • Work as part of the Student Support Department

  • Perform Health checks for students- eye examinations/BMI/scoliosis assessments

  • Monitor and prevent spread of communicable diseases

  • Promote healthy school environment.

  • Promote health and nutrition within the school

  • Manage the cafeteria and bake-sales

  • Provide basic health checks for teachers and staff.

  • Help manage the evacuation and lock-down drills and run triage in the event of an incident.

  • Formulate health policies and programs

  • Manage school safety, playground safety and water quality.

  • Give advice and help to liaise with hospitals in Chiang Mai